Founded in 1990, our company is located at the foot of Qinling Mountain of China,where is the source area of Jiaogulan in China.The national cultivation norm of jiaogulan is based upon our cultivation methods.Qinling Mountain provides top bio surroundings not only for panda but for jiaogulan.As compared with other jiaogulan in subtropical zone,our jiaogulan contains more saponins also selenium,because our jiaogulan grows in warm zone.we are a leading natural jiaogulan tea enterprise in china.We export our bio jiaogulan tea to Germany, Austria, France, the United States, Canada and other countries.

Since 2009 we begin to develope the international market of green tea (Fusillitee),individual tea package and jiaogulan seeds.Therefor the growing quality of Fusillitea is controlled by us, so that it is same as our Jiaogulan tea.

We are interested in the dealer with a shop in relation to herbal tea, green tea, tea package, herbs and drugs.Our business condition is very flexsible, at the beginning, you have not order limitation.Wir are also interested in private customers, who find us in the Internet.we are ready to anwser your questions about our products and know-how on medicinal herbs. We will provide you our advice, service, sales support, and organic products

Your health is protected by you and us together! You pleasures are created by you and us together!

About Jiaogulan :

If you have a car,you must maintain it regularly,otherwise the car will conk out on the way. We all have the same car on the way of life,it is health.We must maintain it every day.But how to do? Your answers may be sport,good sleep,travel,health food,ginseng,green tea etc. More than 2000 years ago Chinese knew the right answer: health preserving.We sum up the theory of health preserving in a few words: what to do ,what to eat, what to drink in different season. For example, ginseng is good for your health,but the property of ginseng is hot,in summer it is not good time to drink ginseng.Green tea is also good for your health,but the property of green tea is cold,in winter it is not good time to drink green tea.
Jiaogulan( Gynostemma pentaphyllum)tea is a concentration of ginseng,green tea and health food.What they contain,contains jiaogulan tea too,such as saponins, amino acids, microelements,Mm,Zn,Fe,Se,flavone, fruit sugar, glucose, galactose, oligose.The property of jiaogulan tea is mild,so that you can drink it in four seasons.
Jiaogulan is a medicinal herb in China.It's applications is found at the earliest in a Chinese medical book in 1525.The recognized applications of Jiaogulan by TCM are following: diminish inflammation, eliminating phlegm, relieve a cough, against hypertonia, against cancer (liver cancer,lung cancer,uterine cancer,skin cancer,stomach cancer, gallbladder cancer, colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer).In 1976,a japanese researcher found that Jiaogulan is effective for high blood pressure, hyperglycemia, hyperlipemia, neurasthenic,to prevent cancer cells spread,to enhance immunity.
Do you smoke every day? Do you drink beer every day? Do you eat meat every day? Do you have insomnia and headache? Do you work under pressure? If yes,something must be used to protect your heart ,your lung,your liver,your blood circulation and your nervous system.Kill two birds with one stone.Jiaogulan is your best choice.
Obvious-prevention is always better than cure.Please drink jiaogulan tea every day to maintain your health and to undestand health preserving

About Jiaogulan Tea:

What is tea? Tea is something,which kann adjust your emotion,bring you pleasure,reduce your agony.Tea is something ,which kann supply you beneficial trace elements,help you otiose elements in your body excrete.Tea is something ,which you share with your friends and family.Tea is a picture ,tea is a song,tea is a life experience,tea is a culture.
There are 13 kinds of jiaogulan in the world,not each kind of jiaogulan fits to be made of tea.Some of them are too bitter,some of them are too sweet.As you drink such tea,the tea kann not bring you any enjoyment but lenovo of caffee and sugar.The reason is that they are far from the origin of jiaogulan.The growth environment is changed,so that the taste is also changed.
What is the right enjoyment, as you drink jiaogulan tea? You have drunk it ,but the wonderful taste is still in your mouth,then you give it a smile.Our jiaogulan tea is waiting for your smile.
Our bio Jiaogulan tea has been to the international market since 2006.we convince our customers of the tea quality and our service .We support our regular customers with quality .We win new customers also with quality.
Jiaogulan tea is not fermented tea,it is easily oxidized after 6 months without airtight package.With airtight package the tea can be kept for 2 years.We have 200g in airtight package to meet your requirment.It is for protection from moisture as well as oxidation.The package material meets the standard of food package.
The process from fresh jiaogulan leaf until Jiaogulan tea is the competition of the tea color , the tea form , the tea smell, the tea water color and the tea water taste.We are proud of our know-how.

About Jiaogulan Content:

83 kinds of saponins:jiaogulan gynosaponin TN-1 and TN-2,jiaogulan gypenoside from I to LXXIX, as compare with ginseng. Jiaogulan gypenoside ¢ó¡¢¢ô¡¢¢ø¡¢¢÷ are same as ginseng gensenoside Rb1¡¢Rb3¡¢Rd¡¢F2,ginseng 6"-malonylgensenoside Rb1and Rd are same as jiaogulan 6"-malonylgypenoside V.The sapogenins of the saponins are panaxadiol£¬2¦Á-hydroxy-panaxadiol,(20R£¬25S)-12¦Â£¬25-epoxy-20£¬26-cyclodammaran-3¦Â-ol£¬(20R£¬25S)-12¦Â, 25-epoxy-20£¬26-cyclodammaran-2¦Á£¬3¦Â-diol£¬jiaogulan gynogenin¢ò is (20R)-21£¬24-cyclo-3¦Â£¬25-dihydroxydammar-23(24)-en-21-one.

(20S)3¦Â£¬20£¬23-trihydroxydammar-24-en-21-oic acid-21. 23-lactone-3-O-£Û¦Â-D-glucopyranosyl(1¡ú2)-¦Á-L-¦Á-L-arabino-pyranosyl,(20S)-dammar-23-ene-3¦Â.20£¬25£¬26-tetraol-3-O-£Û¦Â-D-glucopyranosyl(1¡ú2)-¦Á-L-arabinopyranosyl£Ý, (20R)-dammar-25-en-3¦Â£¬20£¬21£¬24-¦Æ-tetraol-3-O-£Û¦Â-D-glucopy-ranosyl-(1¡ú2)-¦Á-L-arabinopyranosyl£Ý-21-O-¦Â-D-glucopyranosyl-24-O-rhamnopyranoside.cucurbita-5£¬24-dienol£¬ 24-dimethyl-5¦Á-cholest-8-en-3¦Â-ol£¬(24R)-5¦Á-stigmast-7-en-22-yn-3¦Â-ol, 24-dimethyl-5¦Á-cholest-7-en-22-yn-3¦Â-ol,24-dimethyl-5¦Á-cholesta-7£¬25-dien-22-yn-3¦Â-ol£¬spi-nasterol£¬¦Á-spinasterol£¬chondrillaierol£¬ 24-dimethyl-5¦Á-cholest-7-en-3¦Â-ol)£¬ (22E)-24£¬24-dimethyl-5¦Á-cholesta-7£¬22-dien-3¦Â-ol,24-dimethyl-5¦Á-cholesta-7£¬25-dien-3¦Â-ol£¬ 14¦Á-methyl-5¦Á-ergosta-9(11)£¬24(28)-dien-3¦Â-ol£¬ 24-dimethyl-5¦Á-cholestan-3¦Â-ol£¬ 24¦Á-ethyl-5¦Á-cholestan-3¦Â-ol,14¦Á-methyl-5¦Á-ergost-9(11)-en-3¦Â-ol 14¦Á-dimethyl-5¦Á-ergosta-7£¬9(11)£¬24(28)-trien-3¦Â-ol,isofucosterol),¦Â-sitosterol.Rutin,om-buoside,ombuin, malonic acid£¬vitamin C£»17 kinds of amino acids such as aspartic acid,threonice,serine,glutamic acid etc,18 kinds of trace elements such as Iron, zinc, copper, manganese, nickel, selenium. phyllodulcin.

Preparation of Jiaogulan tea (Gynostemma pentaphyllum): take 3-5g Jiaogulan tea in a Cup, steep the tea with boiling water until the water rises just over the tea, then pour out the water from the cup at once.Steep the tea with boiling water again and wait for about 5 minutes.Then drink the tea.

About Jiaogulan' healthfuction:

To promote digestion and absorption of gastrointestinal system.After you take jiaogulan, it can speed up your gastrointestinal motility,give you a good appetite.

To balance excitement and inhibition of the pallium. jiaogulan can regulate nervus centralis reversibly,it has an excellent analgesic, hypnotic, antinervous effect.

To protect your heart and veins.jiaogulan can supply good blood flow through arteria coronaria,so that arteriosclerosis is delayed.

To lose weight. The experiment proved that the content of cholesterol and fat of people with eating fat meat and jiaogulan is similar as people without eating meat and jiaogulan.

To get ones good strength.After a mice takes jiaoglan,its swimming time is about 31-57% longer as a mice without taking jiaogulan.

Antitumaous effect: pharmacological experiments show that jiaogulan can prevent both normal cells into cancerous cells, and cancerous cells gradually into normal cells.

To care your skin. human cell culture experiments show that the regeneration number of human skin cells is 22 generations, after jiaogulan saponins are added ,the regeneration number can be extended to 27 generations

Antitumaous effect: pharmacological experiments show that jiaogulan can prevent both normal cells into cancerous cells, and cancerous cells gradually into normal cells.

To care your skin. human cell culture experiments show that the regeneration number of human skin cells is 22 generations, after jiaogulan saponins are added ,the regeneration number can be extended to 27 generations

About jiaogulan's prescriptions:
The prescriptions concerning jiaogulan( Gynostemma pentaphyllum) originate from one Chinese medical publication.

(ISBN 7-80106-313-9/R.3).

Prescription: Jiaogulan 15g

Application:steep Jiaogulan in boiling water,smother it for 10 minutes and drink it.Steep it 3 to 5 times a day.

People to be benefited:people ,who have tiredness, hyperlipemia, angiocarpy diseases, diseases of blood vessel of brain.

Prescription: Jiaogulan 10-15g

Application:boil jiaogulan in water and drink it.once a day.15 days are one course of treatment.

People to be benefited:people ,who have a malign tumour.

Prescription: Jiaogulan 15g

Application:boil jiaogulan in water and drink it as tea.

People to be benefited:people ,who have acute or chronic tracheitis

Prescription: Jiaogulan 9-10g

Application:boil jiaogulan in water and drink it as tea.

People to be benefited:people ,who have chronic hepatitis.

About the quality of our jiaogulan tea:
Since 2004 our Jiaogulan tea has been certificated ( certificate No.COFCC-R-0410-0065)by China Organic Food Certification Center (COFCC), a professional organization responsible for organic food certification and management under the Ministry of Agriculture of P.R. China, it is the only one accredited by CNCA in China (CNCA-R-2002-100).Pls visit http://www.ofcc.org.cn for more informations.